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Our interests are in understanding the mechanical principles that drive major cellular life processes through the design and engineering of novel biomimetic systems. To this end, we develop simplified and tractable experimental models of the mechanical machinery within the cell with the goal of reproducing complex cellular behavior, such as cell division and cell migration. 
07/15/14 The Laboratory of Living Matter receives an NSF grant!!
04/01/14 Graduate student Ian Linsmeier is awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship!!  Congratulations Ian!!
03/25/14 Dr. Murrell gives a seminar at the University of Minnesota
03/04/14 Dr. Murrell gives a seminar at Yale University
11/03/13 The Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM) writes interview on Dr. Murrell
 09/27/13 Dr. Murrell gives a talk at the Physics of Cancer Meeting in  Leipzig, Germany.
Dr. Murrell gives a seminar on "Force Generation and Turnover in the Cell Cytoskeleton" at the Institute for Cancer Research in London, England
Dr. Murrell speaks at the meeting on: "Connecting Theory and Experiments in Active Matter International Focus Workshop" at the Max Planck Institute for Complex Systems in Dresden, Germany
Dr. Murrell speaks at the meeting on: "Mechanical Manipulations and Responses at the Scale of the Cell and Beyond" at the National Centre of Biological Sciences (NCBS), in Bangalore, India
Andy Fleszar joins the lab. Welcome Andy!
Ian Linsmeier joins the lab. Welcome Ian!

Dr. Murrell speaks at the American Physical Society (APS) Meeting on: "Active, Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Complex Cellular Systems" in Baltimore, MD

Dr. Murrell speaks at the Gordon Conference: "Stochastic Physics in Biology" in Ventura, CA